Growing Snow Crystals

Growing Snow Crystals

Have you grown crystals to make a snowflake (or rather a snow crystal!) this winter?     This winter-themed, kid-friendly project utilizes fine motor skills, creativity, science observation, and mathematical skills, including addition, multiplication, estimating and measuring. To get started, first you and … Continue reading

Architecture “Body Building”

Architecture “Body Building”

Physics can be a complicated subject for young (and old) students.  Experiencing these basic structural principles though architecture provides a fun introduction to the basic concepts of external and internal forces for elementary and middle school age children.  Plus, working in small … Continue reading

A Blank Canvas of Snow

When there is a fresh blanket of snow on the ground but not nearly enough for sledding or to make a snowman… Using Snow as a Blank Canvas Supplies:  Keep it simple.  Mix and match supplies you already have, such as: Liquid … Continue reading

Snow Crystal Geometry

Children are always learning from the world around them.  When studying mathematics and science can be connected to their everyday surroundings, children more readily engage in these activities.  Right now, as we brace for this very cold winter, snow and ice … Continue reading

Do You Want to Build a Snowflake?

Try this 3D twist on the classic cut-out snowflake! Continue reading

Gumdrop Engineering

Providing engaging and exploratory learning opportunities allow curious children to develop their creative and analytical skills.  This simple building activity promotes creative thinking and innovative problem solving for children of various ages and interests. Using colorful gumdrop candies (or marshmallows) and … Continue reading

Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge

If you are over the age of five, you probably know how to play tic-tac-toe.  If you are over the age of eight, chances are you’ve learned the tricks and may have already mastered it.  If you are over the … Continue reading

Montessori-Inspired & Holiday-Themed Learning Trays

  Montessori is a method of education that seeks to develop a child’s natural curiosity and interests.  For young children, Learning Trays are one of the many tools that are used to encourage and promote this approach to a child-centered education. … Continue reading

Zentangle Turkeys

Have you experienced the art of zentangle?  Well, have you zentangled a turkey? Zentangle is a form of art therapy practice that develops creativity, focus and problem solving skills while also enhancing relaxation and mindfulness.  This method of creating structured designs is enjoyed across a wide range of skills, interests … Continue reading

Watercolor Leaves – Observation, Line Drawing and Color Mixing

Fall is the perfect time to make watercolor leaves using liquid watercolors, droppers, and color diffusing paper.  This project combines nature observation, line drawing, color mixing and paper cutting skills.  For younger children, trace leaves and allow the little artist to … Continue reading