A Blank Canvas of Snow

Colorful Snow

When there is a fresh blanket of snow on the ground but not nearly enough for sledding or to make a snowman…

Using Snow as a Blank Canvas

Supplies:  Keep it simple.  Mix and match supplies you already have, such as:

  • Liquid water colors or food coloring (dilute with water)
  • Assorted spray bottles, squirt bottles, droppers, plastic or paper cups
  • Sticks or chop sticks (for carving lines in the snow)
  • Markers (dark colors)
  • Cookie cutters, lids (various sizes)
  • Sand toys, plastic bowls and cups
  • Durable tray or large container (to hold the supplies)
  • Fresh layer of snow!


  • Experiment with creating 2D paintings and patters.
  • Play with shapes to compose reliefs and etchings.
  • Sculpt 3D snow castles and mini sculptures.
  • Be creative and have fun!


Looking for more snow and snowflake-inspired activities to do indoors that also include more complex math and science topics?  The images below display snow-themed activities incorporating elementary through middle school STEAM concepts.  Links to posts below!

Snow Project Preview

For more winter-themed art activities above that include math, science and engineering concepts go to the following links:


Interested in snowman-themed projects for artists of all ages?  The snowman images below are shown in order of complexity starting with toddler/preschool activities and progressing through elementary/middle school STEAM concepts.  Links to posts below!

Snowman Progression Preview

To further explore art, math and science concepts through snowman-inspired activities, go to the following links:



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