Monster Crafts


Just in time for Halloween party crafts, but fun for kids any time of the year, these “monster” paper crafts combine origami, cutting skills and zentagle-style pattern making to create clever monster-themed bookmarks.


Monster Bookmarks – Basic


  • 1 1/2- 2″ strips of color card stock
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • pipe cleaners
  • markers
  • googly eyes
  • Monster skins  and  Monster scales templates


Using various supplies, create your own creepy or sill creatures as shown above.  Cut and fold to create noses and mouths, draw faces, decorate with scales and skins, attach hair or antennas.

Monster Bookmarks – Origami


  • Origami paper, or colorful paper cut to 6″x 6″ squares
  • scissors
  • hole punches (optional to create eyes)
  • construction paper, or additional origami paper to cut for creature features
  • markers
  • Monster Origami  step-by-step instructions


Open and/or print the Monster origami instructions.  Follow steps 1-8 to create the monster head shape.  Cut a square of red paper to fit within the monster “mouth” as shown above.  Use markers and additional paper to create eyes, noses, fangs, tongue, hair, scales, horns, etc.  Secure in place with glue stick, being careful to keep “mouth” open/unglued to use as corner bookmark.


Monster Craft Station:  Supplies and creation inspiration on display for little artists.


More Monster Art

These Monster Coloring templates provide a clear and easy outline to spark creativity.  Use crayons, markers, paper, pompoms, ribbons and other art and craft supplies to design an endless array of colorful monsters.



Happy Halloween!

Looking for more Halloween activities?  Check out Fall Faces to draw these same monster skins and scales directly on a real pumpkin or easily transform a squash or gourd into a creepy or silly creature by exposing it’s “face.”


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