Do You Want to Draw a (Perspective) Snowman?

Design in Play

Snowmen at Night is one of my kids’ favorite wintertime books.  It’s become a bit of a tradition to pull it out in January, just like reading seasonal and holiday-themed books other times of the year.  The story is entertaining and the illustrations are simply beautiful.  Each page is full of happy snowmen frolicking around and viewed from many angles in the changing light.  This provided a beautiful introduction to perspective drawing!

After reading the story and examining our favorite drawings, we were ready to start drawing and building our perspective snowmen.

Note, this activity is best for early elementary and up.  For and easy introduction to these concepts, or a fun art project with even younger (preschool) artists interested in exploring highlights, shading and perspective with snowmen check out Simple Snowmen.


  • Light blue construction paper
  • Oil Pastels (make sure you have white in the set!)
  • Colored Pencils

Instructions: Looking Up!

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