Looking for more resources and inspiration as you design engaging activities and spaces with your children?

Design in Play can assist you in planning STEAM-based activities and classes, as well as designing engaging spaces from the perfect playroom to a complete family home and anything in between.

Add Wisdom through Wonder to your lesson plans and activities:

Whether seeking formatted lesson guides or a hands-on teaching session, Design in Play brings STEAM-based topics to life through the board topic of architecture.  Lessons and activities are designed to function with both free and structured play and allow children, from preschool though middle school, to utilize creative problem solving, artistic expression, and most importantly foster a love of learning.

Bring Discovery by Design to your home:

From concept sketches to construction documents, Design in Play can assist you in planning and implementing beautifully engaging spaces that capture your child’s natural sense of curiosity and allow for independent learning through exploration.  From custom playroom design to house design, Design in Play can assist you bringing style, function, organization and playful discovery to your home.


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