Celery Print Flowers

Celery Print Flowers

  It’s the perfect time of year to give someone special a rose…or a rose print!   Celery Rose Printing Basics  This printmaking project uses simple materials to make a striking painting.  It can also provide a visual (and very basic) introduction to the … Continue reading

Growing Snow Crystals

Growing Snow Crystals

Have you grown crystals to make a snowflake (or rather a snow crystal!) this winter?     This winter-themed, kid-friendly project utilizes fine motor skills, creativity, science observation, and mathematical skills, including addition, multiplication, estimating and measuring. To get started, first you and … Continue reading

A Blank Canvas of Snow

When there is a fresh blanket of snow on the ground but not nearly enough for sledding or to make a snowman… Using Snow as a Blank Canvas Supplies:  Keep it simple.  Mix and match supplies you already have, such as: Liquid … Continue reading

Snow Crystal Geometry

Children are always learning from the world around them.  When studying mathematics and science can be connected to their everyday surroundings, children more readily engage in these activities.  Right now, as we brace for this very cold winter, snow and ice … Continue reading

Watercolor Leaves – Observation, Line Drawing and Color Mixing

Fall is the perfect time to make watercolor leaves using liquid watercolors, droppers, and color diffusing paper.  This project combines nature observation, line drawing, color mixing and paper cutting skills.  For younger children, trace leaves and allow the little artist to … Continue reading

Holiday Gifts That Inspire Innovation & Creativity – Part 4: Little Explorers & Scientists

As you begin your holiday shopping for your Little Explorers & Scientists this year, consider these gift suggestions that make learning fun while inspiring innovation and creativity! Exploring World Geography: An inviting and accessible atlas is a must-have reference book in every little … Continue reading

Metallic Leaf Relief

Making “Foil Leaves” is a fun, multi-step, mixed-media art project that young art students really enjoy. Due to use of spray paint and adhesive, this project requires a bit of adult set-up and assistance. Supplies: Various leaves Aluminum foil (cheaper the better in … Continue reading