Zentangle Turkeys

Have you experienced the art of zentangle?  Well, have you zentangled a turkey? Zentangle is a form of art therapy practice that develops creativity, focus and problem solving skills while also enhancing relaxation and mindfulness.  This method of creating structured designs is enjoyed across a wide range of skills, interests … Continue reading


Watercolor Leaves – Observation, Line Drawing and Color Mixing

Fall is the perfect time to make watercolor leaves using liquid watercolors, droppers, and color diffusing paper.  This project combines nature observation, line drawing, color mixing and paper cutting skills.  For younger children, trace leaves and allow the little artist to … Continue reading

Metallic Leaf Relief

Making “Foil Leaves” is a fun, multi-step, mixed-media art project that young art students really enjoy. Due to use of spray paint and adhesive, this project requires a bit of adult set-up and assistance. Supplies: Various leaves Aluminum foil (cheaper the better in … Continue reading