Paper Bridges

A bridge is a structure built to span a gap or obstacle without closing the opening underneath.  For example, a bridge may provide passage over a river, a valley or a road.   The design of a bridge varies depending on its function, the terrain of its location, and the construction method and building … Continue reading

Paint Chip Building Blocks

Paint chips are not only an easy way to start exploring the basics of color theory.  They provide a they a great material for creating colorful and sturdy building blocks! Start with a variety of colorful paint chips, showing 7 levels … Continue reading

Paper Columns

Architects and engineers have designed many clever ways to support the walls and roof of a building.  In ancient Greece, the most common supports were columns.  For a column to work properly, it must withstand the force of compression created … Continue reading

Architecture “Body Building”

Architecture “Body Building”

Physics can be a complicated subject for young (and old) students.  Experiencing these basic structural principles though architecture provides a fun introduction to the basic concepts of external and internal forces for elementary and middle school age children.  Plus, working in small … Continue reading

Do You Want to Build a Snowflake?

Try this 3D twist on the classic cut-out snowflake! Continue reading

Gumdrop Engineering

Providing engaging and exploratory learning opportunities allow curious children to develop their creative and analytical skills.  This simple building activity promotes creative thinking and innovative problem solving for children of various ages and interests. Using colorful gumdrop candies (or marshmallows) and … Continue reading

Holiday Gifts That Inspire Innovation & Creativity – Part 1: Build & Tinker

As you begin your holiday shopping for your Little Builders and Tinkerers this year, consider these gift suggestions that make learning fun while inspiring innovation and creativity! For toddler through preschool age, a basic Wood Block Set is a must-have for any play space.  This is an … Continue reading

Storybooks to Introduce Architecture and Construction to Young Children

Books are a fantastic way to expose young children to new ideas and topics, and architecture certainly is no exception.  The books shown below are a few of the favorites that I’ve used in the classroom and with my own children. … Continue reading

Introduction to Architectural Model Making: Plans + Elevations = 3D Model

Welcome to Design in Play! This “architecture” project seems like a great first post for using “design in play.”  This was a favorite activity in my architecture lesson series for young students ranging from 6-8 years old.  With a bit of … Continue reading