Storybooks to Introduce Architecture and Construction to Young Children

Books are a fantastic way to expose young children to new ideas and topics, and architecture certainly is no exception.  The books shown below are a few of the favorites that I’ve used in the classroom and with my own children.  Each provides a unique approach to introducing architecture and construction in both storyline and illustration style.  All are in a fun storybook format that is ideal for young children.

This is an inspiring story about an independent and creative young student with a strong passion for building.  The story about acceptance and cooperation goes beyond just architecture and is a must read for any child.

This pun-filled tale follows the journey of a young termite who “goes against the grain” to become an architect and build with wood rather than just eat it.

 This picture book shows the construction of a family’s house throughout the seasons.  Through simple, yet detailed illustrations it conveys both the sequence and spirit of building.

Inspired by the classic Three Little Pigs, this is the story of the three little rigs who each build their own garage.  When the Big Bad Wrecking Ball shows up, it’s time to test their building materials.

This detailed picture book shows a bird’s eye view of the construction of a school over the course of a year.  Each action scene is filled with multiple look-and-find details to keep little readers engaged.

This picture book combines illustrations of children at play with photographs of famous buildings around the world to clearly show design in play.

Through the broad topic of “architecture,” children can learn about science, art, technology, engineering, mathematics, geography and history.  In addition to referencing books and images, incorporating architecture concepts into playful learning activities such as drawing, building with blocks or Lego bricks, building a fort, or simply observing houses in the neighborhood, can further engage and inspire your young architect, designer, or engineer.


4 thoughts on “Storybooks to Introduce Architecture and Construction to Young Children

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