Beyond Coloring

In the Montessori educational model, teaching materials build upon each other in a specific sequence that allows for students to learn at their own pace while also addressing the need for order and independence.  A clear example of this is the use of Metal Insets.  For toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary age … Continue reading

Art + Math on the Go

Successful travel with small children takes patience and preparation.   Art and math entertainment can make that time waiting or traveling much more enjoyable for kids and parents alike.  From waiting for restaurant meals to arrive to boarding an airplane for a very long … Continue reading

Exploring Positive & Negative Space – with Valentines!

Exploring Positive & Negative Space – with Valentines!

In February, it seems that so many creative projects for kids gravitate toward making Valentines or painting simple heart shapes.  We decided to go a step further in our Valentine crafting and explore positive and negative space while creating simple heart shapes. What is Positive and … Continue reading

Celery Print Flowers

Celery Print Flowers

  It’s the perfect time of year to give someone special a rose…or a rose print!   Celery Rose Printing Basics  This printmaking project uses simple materials to make a striking painting.  It can also provide a visual (and very basic) introduction to the … Continue reading

Growing Snow Crystals

Growing Snow Crystals

Have you grown crystals to make a snowflake (or rather a snow crystal!) this winter?     This winter-themed, kid-friendly project utilizes fine motor skills, creativity, science observation, and mathematical skills, including addition, multiplication, estimating and measuring. To get started, first you and … Continue reading

Snow Crystal Geometry

Children are always learning from the world around them.  When studying mathematics and science can be connected to their everyday surroundings, children more readily engage in these activities.  Right now, as we brace for this very cold winter, snow and ice … Continue reading

Do You Want to Build a Snowflake?

Try this 3D twist on the classic cut-out snowflake! Continue reading

Gumdrop Engineering

Providing engaging and exploratory learning opportunities allow curious children to develop their creative and analytical skills.  This simple building activity promotes creative thinking and innovative problem solving for children of various ages and interests. Using colorful gumdrop candies (or marshmallows) and … Continue reading

Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge

If you are over the age of five, you probably know how to play tic-tac-toe.  If you are over the age of eight, chances are you’ve learned the tricks and may have already mastered it.  If you are over the … Continue reading

Montessori-Inspired & Holiday-Themed Learning Trays

  Montessori is a method of education that seeks to develop a child’s natural curiosity and interests.  For young children, Learning Trays are one of the many tools that are used to encourage and promote this approach to a child-centered education. … Continue reading