Thankful Turkey


Earlier this week, my daughter came home very excited to demonstrate the Thanksgiving craft she made at school.  The craft session was presented as a way for the third graders to instruct and guide first graders on how to follow a simple set of instructions.  Having already assisted a first grader earlier that day, she decided she was ready to demonstrate and document her craft for a blog post.  Here it is!

Thankful Turkey


Thankful Turkey Pocket


  • Color paper plates with brown crayon.  Color the front/top of the whole plate.  Color the back/bottom of half plate.
  • Place half plate upside down on full plate and align edges.
  • Staple edges together.  (Child may need assistance in keeping seam aligned.)
  • Using a large jar lid or other template, trace and cut out a circle on the brown construction paper.  Cut out two white “eyes” using a button for a template or a 1″ circle punch.
  • Cut beak and waddle from yellow and red construction paper and fold as shown.  Glue on brown circle to create the turkey’s face as shown above.
  • Glue the circle to the top edge of the whole plate, slightly to one side or at about 10 o’clock position) and press firmly in place.

Thankful Turkey_alt

  • Trace hand on yellow, red, brown and orange paper and cut out.
  • Fan out the handprints and glue to back of top edge of whole paper plate so they create the turkey’s tail feathers.
  • Cut out leaf shapes, turkey shapes or other Thanksgiving or Autumn-inspired shapes from remaining construction paper (or keep as simple strips of paper.)
  • Invite family and friends to write what they are most thankful for on a piece of paper and place in the Thankful Turkey’s pocket.


Happy Thanksgiving!



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